We provide data analytics solutions.
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We have two main areas for our data analysis services: Social Media Data Analysis & Agricultural Data Analysis.

Social Media Data Analysis

We analyze your already existing social media data. We provide insights that lead to more efficient and more profitable business. Unlike a conventional social media company, we DO NOT only give the number of likes or retweets. We develop patterns and diagnose the current situation and provide solutions to the alarm points. Please contact us for a free sample report based on your existing data. If you do not have social media data, we can collect and extract social media data for you.

Agricultural Data Analysis

Our Agricultural Resource Planning Suite helps you to record your farm activity. Your farm's labor costs, fertilizer costs, fuel costs are constantly monitored. We provide reports indicating inefficient and costly operations. With our state-of-art precision farming tools, your soil and water analysis are combined with your crop and the exact needs of your crop will be presented. Moreover, our disease control algorithms provide alert for certain diseases based on climate data. Please contact us to get more detailed information about TT ARP solutions.


Terzi Teknoloji Çözümleri A.Ş. has been founded two years ago with the aim of providing data analysis solutions for the companies.

'Big Data' is one of the hottest topics in this era, everybody is talking about it. Data is collected from everywhere. Our mobile phones, loyalty cards, mobile apps, web history... According to the experts, 90% of the all data in the world is created in the last two years. Yes, we have data. Everyone can get data. But having the data alone does not mean anything unless you use it wisely.

As Terzi Teknoloji, our added value to our customers comes into picture here. We analyse your data. We provide meaningful insights. We combine social media data with your sales. We are confident that with our data analysis tools you can increase your profitability and decrease your costs. Please contact us below for more detailed information.

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Terzi Teknoloji Çözümleri A.Ş.

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